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Drunk'n Mosquito 2021

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We love adventures, in fact we celebrate them! That is why we are in the business of crafting eco-friendly insect repellents to help you enjoy life, bug-free! Whether you’re camping, hiking, hosting a cookout or on the go ..... Don’t forget your Drunk’n Mosquito! Everything about our products are purposeful, from our eco-friendly ingredients to our versatile containers that can be reused or recycled. Our decorative glass & rugged aluminum citronella candles are the perfect addition to any outdoor event and we also offer a travel tin for on-the-go adventure. These working candles are hand-poured to the perfect level in order to maximize wind-protection & effectiveness. Made with 100% pure soy wax, each candle burns incredibly long, averaging 10-12 hours of burning per ounce. For example, our 8 oz. travel tin burns approximately 100 hours! Our bug spray, which contains the same great eco-friendly ingredients can be applied directly to you, your family, dogs, horses and farm life to provide instant protection for approximately 4 hours!


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