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BOA Replacement Kit

M2 Replacement Kit - Dial/Tool/Lace Combo FIT SYSTEM: Boa® M2 fit system for fast and effortless on/off and custom fit. Devil's Canyon Women's Darkhorse Darkhorse *Also compatible with products from: SIMMS, Under Armour, LLBean, Burton, Irish...

Korkers Triple Threat Replacement Bars

Triple Threat™ Aluminum Bar sole provides solid, edge to edge aluminum coverage that morphs to surrounding geology for positive grip. Good for boat use as well.   Includes: 10 sized bars, screws, hex key  Compatibility: Triple threat™ Sole platform...

ZS2 Wader Chest Pack

Once you clip this to your wader harness, you will have everything you need at your fingertips.  This little chest pack handles two standard fly boxes along with all of the standard ZeroSweep features. One ZeroSweepTM retractor station (great for nipper...

Sushi Roll XL

Roll-up fly storage (great for streamers and saltwater flies) Ultra tough exterior fabric Foam spacers to prevent flies from being crushed and allow breathability Foam inner layer for securing flies   Large streamers finally have a place to call home...
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