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EP Silky Fiber

Synthetic EP fiber for wings, heads, and body. Simply tie in, and trim to shape.  Available in 12 colors.


$4.50 - $5.50
The perfect yarn for egg patterns. Try this one and you won't go back to glo bug yarn.

Ghost Hair

  Ghost Hair synthetic streamer material. Light and very soft this synthetic is easy to tie with and gives great movement in the water. I like to use it as a winging material over bucktail and stiffer synthetics to give my fly extra movement. Around...

Squirmy Material

The perfect material for making squirmy worms for fly, spin and ice fishing. 60 pieces per bundle. 4 inch pieces.

Flash N Crink

Streamer hair  similar to Flash N Slinky. Great for making bait fish patterns for saltwater, trout and predators. See examples of flies for applications.  This hair is great for creating the illusion of bulk while shedding water for easy...