Spin Doctor 6"

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Think Dreamweaver Spin Doctor Flasher, and if your thought is synonymous with Great Lakes trolling, then we're on the same wavelength. Spin Doctor Flashers are some of the best deep-water rotating flashers available for salmon and other species since their introduction in 2003. With the full 360 rotation at either slow or fast trolling speeds, Spin Doctor Flashers are designed to pull easy for any trolling application.

The Dreamweaver trolling flashers give a little kick as they rotate through the water. That kicking movement influences the bait or trolling fly behind it to mimic feeding salmon. With an unequaled amount of color combinations and sizes, you have plenty of presentation options available when you select Dreamweaver Spin Doctor Flashers!


  • Deep water rotating flashers for salmon and other species
  • Great Lakes trolling favorite
  • Qty. per pack: 1 flasher plus two snap swivels