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Micron Lantern

FEATURES Attaches directly to the gas canister – quick and easy to set up Rugged and lightweight for effortless travel Adjustable brightness gives off 235 lumens  Piezo ignition, no lighter required Runs, silent so you enjoy the sounds of...
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Easy Light Lantern

FEATURES Attaches directly to the gas canister – quick and easy to set up Rounded glass and 490 lumens ensures maximum illumination and is adjustable for appropriate ambiance Frosted glass for a pleasant warm light Patented burner is quiet so you enjoy...
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Eveready Gold Alkaline Batteries

$2.89 - $3.09
Energizer AA's are powerful, reliable cells that you'll find yourself coming to again and again. AA's are some of the most widely used batteries on the market, so it's always a good idea to keep an extra pack on hand, and it's always a good idea to make...

Princeton Tec- Helix Backcountry

It sure is nice to bring along a few creature comforts: even when you’re headed way out there. Helix Backcountry is a compact, lightweight lantern which puts out a bright beam that’s easy on the eyes – perfect for around camp or in your tent. Helix...

Princeton Tec- Vizz

DETAILS   Waterproof, durable, bright and versatile: the Vizz headlamp makes a great partner in any situation. The Vizz’s combination of durability and power make it an ideal choice for any demanding environment. Our feature loaded Vizz includes a...

Princeton Tec- Remix

$39.99 - $44.99
The Remix should be your go-to when runtime is crucial. The Remix features an astounding 43h runtime on High, by far the best in it’s class. For preserving night vision it also features a cluster of red LEDs for close at hand tasks. Equipped with an...

Princeton Tec- Snap Solo

The Princeton Tec SNAP® Solo headlamp has fully adjustable brightness with up to 300 lumens and runs for up to 155 hours at the lowest setting. The light unit can be removed from the headlamp bracket and used as a mini lantern. It even has a magnetic...