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Panther Martin Big Eye Musky In-Line Spinner

Heavy duty 5/O Eagle Claw® sharp and strong treble hook hidden in an oversize bucktail. Tandem tail also has a 3/O Eagle Claw® super sharp and strong treble hook. Really big holographic eye and beautiful holographic painted blades. Size 22 features a...

Westin HypoTeez

Westin Suspending Swinbait  Smelt 7 1/8 inch 9/16 oz suspending American Shad 7 1/8 inch 9/16 oz suspending

Hell Hound Glide Bait 8 Inch

It's the easiest to use, most versatile Glidebait you'll ever throw. Whether worked slow, fast, steady, or erratically, you'll quickly see that you have control over it at all times. In fact, you'll not find a jerkbait that gives you as many easy to use...