Wader One Day $30

Wader Two Day $60

Wader Three Day $90

Boot One Day $20

Boot Two Day $40

Boot Three Day $60

All deposits are paid separately credit card or cash, and are held until equipment is returned on time and in acceptable condition. The deposit amount of $50.00 will be held until our rental terms below are completed. 

Renter acknowledges receipt of above equipment owned by Superior Outfitters. Renter will return rented equipment to Superior Outfitters before noon on the business day following the last rental date. The renter agrees that any item(s) not returned, or not returned in the same condition as when loaned will be replaced by Superior Outfitters at renter’s expense.

To the fullest extent allowable by law, the renter hereby indemnifies and shall defend and hold harmless Superior Outfitters and employees from and against all suits, actions, legal or administrative proceedings, claims, demands, damages, liabilities, interest, attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses of whatsoever kind or nature arising either directly or indirectly from rental of Superior Outfitters equipment. This indemnity provision applies until the termination or expiration of this rental.




During the winter months we offer snowshoe rentals. Beginning 2023 we will offer Simms wader/boot rentals. $50 refundable deposit per pair, $30 wader rental, $20 boot rental. 3 day rental maximum. Call for reservations.