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SA Amplitude Bass Bug Camo WF Fly Line

AMPLITUDE BASS BUG FOR LARGEMOUTH AND SMALLMOUTH BASS        The first series of lines to feature the revolutionary AST PLUS slickness additive, the Amplitude...

SA Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout

AMPLITUDE SMOOTH CREEK TROUT IDEAL FOR SMALL CREEKS AND SHORT CASTS     The Amplitude Smooth series of lines are, simply put, the highest-performance smooth fly lines in the world...

SA Absolute Bulk Trout Leaders

Scientific Anglers now offers their Absolute leaders in bulk. MSRP for packaged leaders are $6.95 so skip the packaging and save some money! Avaliable in 9 FT and 7.5 FT lengths. 2X,3X,4X,5X and 6X.

New Arrivals

XS425 BN5x Baitfish/Stinger Hook

BAITFISH/STINGER Stinger, Straight Eye, Wide Gape, Forged Bend, Micro-barb, V-Lock Bend, Black/Red Nickel 5X The XS425's combination of short shank, wide gap and V-Lock bend make for an incredible...

Umpqua XS410 N15X All Purpose Hook

Sweet hook for steel and salmon. These won't bend out.  sizes 6-10 are 20 Packs. ALL PURPOSE SALTWATER Straight Eye, Wide Gape, Variable Length, X-Strong, Forged Bend, V-Lock Bend, Micro-barb,...


Summer Heat Wave

The weather in the central U.P. has been just beautiful and the fishing and camping opportunities are endless.  Streams and lakes are at prime for swimming and wet wading, but many of the trout s …
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Spring Update

Spring Update

    The rivers are opening up and the lakes are seeing some slushy conditions for the ice fisherman. The shop's preseason orders are trickling in and the shelves are looking pretty full now. …
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