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U202 Curved Red Hook

$6.99 - $7.29
The U202 is a curved, short-shank hook similar in principle to the ever-popular TMC2487, but with heavy wire for added strength. A great base for many worms, scuds, caddis pupae, and egg flies, The...

Umpqua XS410 N15X All Purpose Hook

Sweet hook for steel and salmon. These won't bend out.  sizes 6-10 are 20 Packs. ALL PURPOSE SALTWATER Straight Eye, Wide Gape, Variable Length, X-Strong, Forged Bend, V-Lock Bend, Micro-barb, NI5X...

XS425 BN5x Baitfish/Stinger Hook

BAITFISH/STINGER Stinger, Straight Eye, Wide Gape, Forged Bend, Micro-barb, V-Lock Bend, Black/Red Nickel 5X The XS425's combination of short shank, wide gap and V-Lock bend make for an incredible...