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Mastery Standard Flyline

Mastery Standard is a true to AFFTA line weight casters fly line. Built with a mid-length head for exceptional mending and accuracy at long distances. If you love casting this will quickly become one of your new favorites. True to line weight Mid-length...

Scientific Anglers Mastery Anadro Fly Line

MASTERY ANADRO/NYMPH FOR ANADROMOUS FISH AND BIG RIVERS   If you’re anything like us, the allure of big fish and big rivers is intoxicating. That’s precisely why we created the Anadro fly line. Designed with line control in mind, its extended rear taper...

SA Amplitude Infinity Taper W/AST Plus

THE GO-TO LINE FOR ALL FRESHWATER SPECIES         The first series of lines to feature the revolutionary AST PLUS slickness additive, Amplitude Textured series will shoot farther and last longer than any other line on the market. It’s slickness down to...

Frequency Trout

Here’s an idea: instead of spending $100 on a trout line, pick up a Frequency Trout fly line and use the rest on your next drive-all-night road trip. The Trout taper features a versatile, mid-length head ideal for delicate dries; however, it also...

Mastery Bass Bug Taper

FOR LARGEMOUTH AND SMALLMOUTH BASS    You’ve got articulated streamers and poppers hanging from the lampshade on your desk. You think in terms of bass, both smallmouth and largemouth. The term conehead doesn’t refer to an old comedy sketch. We totally...

SA Amplitude Bass Bug Camo WF Fly Line

AMPLITUDE BASS BUG FOR LARGEMOUTH AND SMALLMOUTH BASS        The first series of lines to feature the revolutionary AST PLUS slickness additive, the Amplitude series will shoot farther and last longer than any other line on the market. It’s slickness...

SA Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout

AMPLITUDE SMOOTH CREEK TROUT IDEAL FOR SMALL CREEKS AND SHORT CASTS     The Amplitude Smooth series of lines are, simply put, the highest-performance smooth fly lines in the world. With up to five times less drag and eight times the durability of...

Premier RIO Creek Flyline

Designed for anglers fishing small creeks and streams with a taper design that loads at close range, with ultra-slick performance RIO’s Creek line has been designed for anglers that fish small creeks and streams. The line loads at close range, allowing...

Rio Mainstream Trout DT Floating

Targeted To The Overall Needs Of The Average Fly Fisher. Slightly heavier, easy casting lines for a multitude of situations Short, powerful front taper for good presentation and turnover

SA Mastery Trout

The Mastery Trout line is ideally suited for chasing browns, rainbows, cutthroats, and any other trout you can imagine. Perfect for dry flies and ideal for smaller nymphs and streamers, the Mastery Trout is one of our mainstays and has helped anglers...

SA Mastery Double Taper

Double-taper fly lines may not be the most versatile of the bunch, but they’re very good at what they’re designed to do: delicate work at shorter distances. An excellent dry-fly line, the Mastery Double Taper excels at presenting flies with a touch of...

SA Frequency Magnum Regular and Glow

$49.95 - $59.95
Choose between glow and regular.  FREQUENCY MAGNUM DESIGNED FOR BIG FLIES   The Frequency Magnum summed up in six words: big flies, big fish, small price. Designed with an aggressive weight-forward head, the Magnum fly line is built for tossing large...