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Powerflex Ultra Shooting Line

A hard, tough coated shooting line, which excels on the shoot   RIO's Powerflex Ultra Shooting Line is an excellent shooting line for anglers using Skagit or Scandi style shooting heads. It features an extremely tough outer coating, over a medium stiff...

Rio InTouch Skagit Max Gamechanger

RIO’s INTOUCH SKAGIT MAX GAMECHANGER heads are the perfect delivery system for casting large flies and sink tips. The heads feature RIO’s Multi Density Control - a seamless blend of three or four different densities that ensures the smoothest transition...

Rio Slickshooter 115 FT

A super-hard, slick finish oval-shaped nylon shooting line, with no memory after being stretched and an extremely low coefficient of friction for long distance casts.   Avaliable in 25lb Blue 35lb Orange 44lb Red 50lb Yellow

SA Spey Lite Skagit

Introducing our Spey Lite collection, and the Integrated Skagit Spey line. Designed for light double-handed duty and with a short, powerful head, the Skagit Lite is ideal for smaller streams and trout Spey applications. Available in grain...

SA Mastery Great Lakes Switch Indicator

MASTERY GREAT LAKES SWITCH POWERFUL TAPER FOR CASTING HEAVY INDICATOR RIGS    Designed with the Great Lakes anadromous angler in mind the Great Lakes Switch line has an aggressive taper designed to turn over large indicators and the heaviest flies...