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Extreme Ice Cleat

EXTREME IN EVERY WAY. BUILT TO OUTLAST OLD MAN WINTER.     TRACTION: 28 durable push-through spike construction on the heel and ball of the foot for ice-biting traction where you need it most. FIT: PRO FIT: Molded rubber walls at toe, heel, and side...

Korkers SnowTrac Rubber Lug Sole

SnowTrac™ Winter Rubber Lug sole grips equally well in wet or dry conditions. Perfect for trail adventures in winter conditions or situations requiring transitions between indoors and outdoors. Traction: Rubber Lug sole grips equally well in wet or dry...

TrailTrac Studded Rubber Lug Sole

STUDDED TRAILTRAC SOLE™ Lightweight, high-friction rubber lugs and 24 ice-biting carbide studs provide outstanding grip for all off-road adventures.    Fit: Match the sole size with your OmniTrax 3.0 boot for a perfect fit.

Korkers Ice Walker Blk/Gry

WHEN TEMPERATURES FALL, YOU WON'T. TRACTION: 22 Replaceable push through steel studs for gripping traction in icy, snowy conditions. This lightweight, packable design is the perfect solution for winter walks and general use.  FIT: BOA-FIT: Dial in the...

Korkers Triple Threat Carbide Spike Sole

Triple Threat™ with Carbide Spikes bite into smooth, slick surfaces ensuring long-lasting, positive traction in treacherous terrain. Traction: The 100% customizable sole that gives you endless spike, bar and hex disc configurations for the ultimate in...

IceTrac Studded Rubber Lug Sole

IceTrac™ Studded Rubber Lug sole grips snow and ice while hiking, snowmobiling, or working outdoors. Traction: includes 16 ultra durable carbide studs per foot (32 total) for extra traction on icy surfaces.

Korkers Ice Commuter

TRACTION: 10 replaceable push through steel studs for gripping traction in icy, snowy conditions. Our most minimal indoor/outdoor option pivots easily between Traction Standby position when not in use , and Traction On position when on-demand traction is...

Mount Track Crampon

These elastic crampons feature a stainless-steel chain on the sole and a special, horseshoe-shaped, 14-point plate, made entirely of noble heat treated steel, providing an excellent grip. Simply put them over your footwear and tighten them with a strap...

Nava Gaiter Tall Black

$74.95 - $79.95
Small: Women's 7-8.5, Men's 6-7.5 Medium: Women's 8.5-11.5, Men's 7.5-10.5 Large: Women's 11.5+, Men's 10.5-12.5

Yaktrax Walker

Original Yaktrax version. Spikeless/strapless secure grip SkidLock coil system, made of specially treated steel. SkidLock coil system stays snugly with your shoe, offering unhindered ease of movement. Coils are hand-wound in opposite directions to...

Yaktrax Pro Winter Traction

The Yaktrax Pro is designed to be more durable for the active person. Great for postal, construction, safety and highway workers. Also, great for runners, hikers, and the more active recreational winter athlete. Made with a heavy-duty natural rubber...