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SA Boat Box

BOAT BOX BOAT FLY BOXES If you’ve got a boat, you’ve probably got some streamers and poppers knocking around somewhere on deck. Our Boat Boxes solve all of your on-the-water storage problems. Manufactured of a durable plastic and fitted with slot foam...

Slit Foam Slim Fly Box 1426 and 1420

$7.99 - $9.99
Made from tough, clarified polypropylene. These 1/2" thick minimalist boxes will keep you loaded with midges and options while keeping the bulk down. Available with a variety of foam or magnetic backers. There is a super slim box for the needs of every...

Stream Thermometer

Stream thermometer with carabiner. Check your temps to predict fish behavior, good water and of course safe temps! 

Streamer Compartment Box #1485 and #1446

1485 Similar to our 1446, but much larger. Features 7 long compartments perfect for large streamers and salmon flies. 10 x 5 x 1.33" 1446 Will hold larger streamers and salt water flies, five compartment, snap tight latch, tough clarified polypropylene...

The Go To Fly Box #1209 and #1211

$12.99 - $17.99
  1211 The same rugged, stylish water proof box as the FG 1209, but with the "inline" foam inserts on both sides and no swing leaf. The extra middle space makes this box an excellent choice for various larger size flies, streamers, large dry flies,...