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Power Pro Downrigger Cable

PowerPro Downrigger enables downrigger balls to fall more vertically and with less blowback than when fishing with conventional stainless-steel downrigger cables.

Howie Meat Rig

Howie’s Meat Rigs are made with the same trusted components as the rest of the Howie Fly line up in order to help you catch more fish. Assembled with 50” leader of 40# mono tied to a #1 VMC 4X red treble, Original Howie Fly skirts cut down to 2 1/2”, 8...

BloodRun Copper Wire 45lb and 32 lb

$32.99 - $47.95
Super Copper fishing line Made in the USA from Blood Run Tackle Co. has been extensively field tested in order to ensure the best fishability and fish catching characteristics.   When we developed our Super Copper fishing line, we tested numerous...

Seaguar Red Label- 200 Yard

A great all-around fluoro at an affordable price. Less visible underwater. Red Label lines are laid on the spool so the line is always placed side by side, never crossing over itself. The result is the line on the filler spool has no overstress or twist,...

BloodRun LeadCore

100YD Spool of premium Made in the USA Micro Leadcore Trolling Wire for trolling applications.    Reach consistent depths with ease while trolling for walleye, salmon, trout, striper and more. Each "color" of lead is 10 yards, each spool contains 10...

Seaguar Trout Flouro 100 Yard

$11.99 - $29.99
  Tough fish. Rocks and wicked structure. No problem. This genuine 100% fluorocarbon leader material delivers incredible abrasion resistance and maximum impact and knot strength, all with a smaller line diameter than monofilament. This fast-sinking line...