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Howie Meat Rig

Howie’s Meat Rigs are made with the same trusted components as the rest of the Howie Fly line up in order to help you catch more fish. Assembled with 50” leader of 40# mono tied to a #1 VMC 4X red treble, Original Howie Fly skirts cut down to 2 1/2”, 8...

12" Dipsy Snubber

Dipsey Diver Snubber: Trolling shock absorbers. Prevents hooks from tearing out. Attach In-line or behind Dipsy Divers®. Fluorescent fish attracting colors. Trout Snubbers: Heavy flex, 6 1/2", 8", or 12". Use with 27 lb. test.

10 ' jet diver

Luhr Jensen Jet Divers feature a unique, buoyant design that collects water pressure against its wings to dive; yet when pressure is relaxed, the Jet Diver will float off of structure. The preeminent diver for river back-trolling applications, the Jet...
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