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12" Dipsy Snubber

Dipsey Diver Snubber: Trolling shock absorbers. Prevents hooks from tearing out. Attach In-line or behind Dipsy DiversĀ®. Fluorescent fish attracting colors. Trout Snubbers: Heavy flex, 6 1/2", 8", or 12". Use with 27 lb. test.

Big Jon Mini Diver

Big Jon Mini Diver Disks will take your lure down with no need to add weights. The Mini-Diver is the easiest to use diving device on the market and requires no pop-off release. When a fish strikes, it will lay out straight with the fishing line, so you...

10 ' jet diver

Luhr Jensen Jet Divers feature a unique, buoyant design that collects water pressure against its wings to dive; yet when pressure is relaxed, the Jet Diver will float off of structure. The preeminent diver for river back-trolling applications, the Jet...
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