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U202 Curved Red Hook

$6.99 - $7.29
The U202 is a curved, short-shank hook similar in principle to the ever-popular TMC2487, but with heavy wire for added strength. A great base for many worms, scuds, caddis pupae, and egg flies, The U202 features a down eye in a classic bronze finish...

XS425 BN5x Baitfish/Stinger Hook

BAITFISH/STINGER Stinger, Straight Eye, Wide Gape, Forged Bend, Micro-barb, V-Lock Bend, Black/Red Nickel 5X The XS425's combination of short shank, wide gap and V-Lock bend make for an incredible fish-holding hook. Perfect for any short-shank minnow,...

Umpqua XS410 N15X All Purpose Hook

Sweet hook for steel and salmon. These won't bend out.  sizes 6-10 are 20 Packs. ALL PURPOSE SALTWATER Straight Eye, Wide Gape, Variable Length, X-Strong, Forged Bend, V-Lock Bend, Micro-barb, NI5X Finish Simplify your salt, big-game and flats tying with...

Umpqua XS506H BN Jig

60 DEGREE JIG / EXTRA STRONG Micro-barb, Extra Strong, Black Nickel  Enhance the effectiveness of your big baitfish/streamer patterns as well as any Permit crab/shrimp with this beefy jig hook. The 60 degree jig results in a great up/down "jigging"...

Big Game Articulated Shank 40 Pack

Extra heavy wire for Musky, pike, trout and saltwater applications. Large eyes to accomidate predator sized hooks. Sold in money saving 40 packs. These are custom produced to our own specs. 

Bead Chart Coaster

Choosing which size hook to go with which bead when tying flies can be tricky.. Lucky for you our man Mickey Anderson did the work for you, and created our easy to use Bead Chart.. Keep the coaster on your tying table and always have the reference chart...
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