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XS425 BN5x Baitfish/Stinger Hook

BAITFISH/STINGER Stinger, Straight Eye, Wide Gape, Forged Bend, Micro-barb, V-Lock Bend, Black/Red Nickel 5X The XS425's combination of short shank, wide gap and V-Lock bend make for an incredible fish-holding hook. Perfect for any short-shank minnow,...

Big Game Articulated Shank 40 Pack

Extra heavy wire for Musky, pike, trout and saltwater applications. Large eyes to accomidate predator sized hooks. Sold in money saving 40 packs. These are custom produced to our own specs. 

Senyos Intruder Wire

You can now match your trailer hook wire to your fly. Doubled over tests out at over 50lbs breaking strength and is stiff enough to hold the hook in position without fowling. For hook sizes 6 or larger.