Bloodrun Stainless Diver Wire 1000 Feet

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Made in the USA 30lb premium 7 strand stainless trolling wire...breaks over 40lbs!  Unique 7 strand constructed marine grade stainless .015 inch diameter is kink resistant and smooth spooling.

There is no doubt on any body of water full of toothy predators or pulling diving disks, that stainless wire is the go-to line choice for top captains and tournament professionals.    The unique harmonic vibration produced under tension, particularly in heavy current situations is where stainless wire really shines.   

True cutting angle into the water and through heavy currents are where mono and even braids struggle.   Particularly if you are going deep with big divers and flashers, only wire can get the job done.

Read this Pro Staff Tip for rigging tips tricks covering wire diver knots, connections, deployment, and most importantly how to properly spool your reel with stainless wire.

Available in 1000' spools in .015" diameter.