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Dropshotting has really turned into an effective and widespread way of rigging a worm and catching fish. This technique which started in Japan to catch highly pressured fish was perfected in California and has spread everywhere there are bass and water. The simplicity of the rig is attractive to most anglers and the effectiveness is even better. These dropshot weights, from the Bullet Weight Company, feature a high quality clip designed to hold the line without tying a knot and slipping off the rig when they get hung up without breaking off the hook. Then, all you have to do is clip on another weight and you're back to fishing without re-tying the whole rig. The clips on the Bullet Weight Drop Shot Weights are of the highest quality and won't cut through the line, like cheaper counterparts. Try the round weights when you want to feel a lot of contact with the bottom, like in sand and mud, and use the Finesse weights when you are in rock, since they tend to slip through better. If you're fishing in rough rocks and getting hung up too often, check out the Bakudan Skinny Weights, they run over small cracks without falling in and can really make a difference.