King Salmon Skein Red/Pink

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Cured whole skein from King salmon harvested in 2023.These eggs are perfect for fishing in egg loops or tying into spawn sacks. They are a tacky egg that milks very well. Eggs are a natural product and will vary in appearance depending on the ripeness of the fish harvested. Eggs will differ in appearance from what is pictured since they are packed for shipment, but will look as pictured when fished or rinsed. See our other listings for different colors and loose eggs. . We vacuum seal to keep them fresh. It is recommended that you freeze or refrigerate after receiving. We prefer to ship Monday-Wednesday for most locations and shipping services to make sure your eggs do not sit in the mail on Sunday. If the estimated delivery date is acceptable we may ship outside this window. Please plan ahead. They are cured with a home cure and you can dry them or hydrate depending on your preference. No you cannot eat them. Not FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Tips for getting the best value out of your skein.

  1. Strain
  2. Cut into bait sized chunks
  3. Air dry until desired texture
  4. Optional step. Dust with borax.
  5. Keep refrigerated or frozen. 



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