Jun 10th 2021

Summer Heat Wave

The weather in the central U.P. has been just beautiful and the fishing and camping opportunities are endless.  Streams and lakes are at prime for swimming and wet wading, but many of the trout streams are over 70 degrees midday and late afternoon. Please carry a thermometer and check your temps frequently if you go out. The USGS has gauges that you can use as a general reference. The forecast looks promising though with night time lows in the 50's. Bass and pike fishing is on fire and we are encouraging anglers to give that a shot and let the trout rest for a few days. Look for smallmouth and pike in the shallows near deep water at dusk and throw some topwater baits for fast action and great blow ups. We will resume guiding for trout next week and expect to see sulphurs, drakes and stones on the water again.  Good luck!