Jun 21st 2023

Summer Patterns

    What a great time to be fishing the U.P.! We are running all sorts of trips for clients and the bite has been pretty steady most days no matter what we have been targeting. Trout streams remain on the low side for water and on the high side for temps. Morning and late evening has been the program for larger water, but the small streams are fishing well midday. Hatch wise we have been seeing an absolute smorgasbord of bug life including brown drakes, stones, black caddis, Iso's and sulphurs. In my experience over the last two weeks trailing a drake with a sulphur or caddis has been the most productive with fish hitting them equally. 

   Warmwater species have been a riot fishing topwater and we have had some pretty great days on a variety of waters. Bass and gills are actively spawning or in post spawn patterns depending on the lake. Walleye have moved deeper along with the large pike, but they can still be found cruising shallower at low light and many are targeting them then. Burrowing mayflies are hatching on most of the lakes so don't forget to stay out late!