South Bend Techny Spinner

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South Bend's Techny Spinner is a budget-friendly spinner that makes the most of a classic, time-tested design. An in-line spinner takes on a different look in the water when it's made with the shaft running through the blade. The Techny Spinner's flashing blade hugs the bait to create a tight, enticing profile. The body has a smooth taper that mimics the shape of a baitfish. You can fish this bait at any depth by adjusting your retrieve speed, and no matter how fast you reel it in, the vibration produced by the Techny Spinner's blade will attract nearby predators. The weight distribution of this bait's teardrop body allows you to cast it a mile. This spinner's needle-sharp treble hook ensures a solid connection to the trout, bass, walleye, pike or other gamefish you're targeting. Every tackle box needs an assortment of this classic-style spinner—add a few of South Bend's value-priced Techny Spinners to yours.