TFO Sea Run Steelhead Salmon Spinning Rods

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Anglers that chase anadromous fish need a tool for the demanding environments and species that they pursue. Based off of the wildly successful STS and STC series of rods in the Signature series, the Sea-Run rods feature a similar action, but with updated components.

Designed with input from the most successful anglers from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast, the Sea-Run family of rods is sure to handle any anadromous quest. Sea-Run rods are a unique non-glare chestnut-colored blank and feature our new burl cork grip for improved performance and durability.


TFG Sea-Run Spinning Rods



Model Length Power Line Wt. Lure Wt. Action Rod Wt. Handle Pieces Price

TFG SRS 864-2 8'6" M 8-12 3/8-3/4 oz Moderate 6.oz A 2 $149.95  

TFG SRS 865-2 8'6" MH 8-17 3/8-1 oz Moderate 6.6 oz A 2 $149.95

TFG SRS 904-2 9'0" M 8-12 3/8-3/oz Moderate 6oz A 2 $149.95  

TFG SRS 905-2 9'0" MH 8-17 3/8-1 oz Moderate 6.8 oz A 2 $149.95

TFG SRS 962-2 9'6" L 4-8 1/16-3/8 oz Slow 6.9 oz A 2 $149.95