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Whiting Dry Fly Half Saddle (Bronze)

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The ultimate in dry fly tying! If you have never used Whiting Dry Fly Hackles, you will not believe how good they are until you try them. With long supple quills and incredible barb density capable of tying down to size 26 and even smaller, Whiting Genetic Dry Fly Hackle is the connoisseur’s choice for fly tying. This product line derives it heritage from the legendary Hoffman grizzly super hackle stock and has been selectively bred since the mid 1960's specifically for fly tying. 

Whiting Dry Fly Saddle Features
Super long feathers that will tie many flies each. This long length almost eliminates the need for hackle pliers.
Extremely flexible quills. These feathers wrap wonderfully.
Very high barb density means that you can fully hackle a fly with less turns of hackle.
Consistent barb length over the entire feather
Each saddle contains primarily 2 or 3 sizes with some larger and some smaller sizes as well.