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Reef Runner Mini Rip 1oz 3"

The Mini-Rip is a tiny version of our popular deep diving Reef Runner lure. Small in size but big in action and fish catching ability! From Walleye to bass, trout and crappies, it’s sure to be another winner!

South Bend Techny Spinner

$1.39 - $1.49
South Bend's Techny Spinner is a budget-friendly spinner that makes the most of a classic, time-tested design. An in-line spinner takes on a different look in the water when it's made with the shaft running through the blade. The Techny Spinner's...

Atlas GLO Scent

Atlas Mike's Glo Scent Bait Oils - Angler's secret weapon for over 35 years! Time-tested and field-tested! Top choice among anglers and guides for over 35 years. Glow Scent makes all lures and baits more effective. Special blend of scents, flavors and...

Lindy 360 Jig 3/8 oz

The 360 Jig features a body that spins on an internal axle to produce completely unique vibration and sound which brings in fish from great distances. But the 360 is not just for loud, active fish attraction. It can be finessed to revolve slowly and...