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Booyah Tandem Blade Spinnerbait

Color for color and component for component, these are the finest spinnerbaits available at any price. With bait sizes from 3/16 oz. to 1 oz. and seemingly endless custom color combinations - there's a BOOYAH Blade for North to South and East to West.

Arbogast Jitterbug Topwater Lure

TOPWATER LURE: Jitterbug is proven its power to ignite explosive strikes on topwater fish DOUBLE-CUPPED LIP: Placed at precisely the correct angle it produces a lout, rhythmic, surface-busting sound proven to be irresistible to every known surface...

Reef Runner Mini Rip 1oz 3"

The Mini-Rip is a tiny version of our popular deep diving Reef Runner lure. Small in size but big in action and fish catching ability! From Walleye to bass, trout and crappies, it’s sure to be another winner!

South Bend Techny Spinner

$1.39 - $1.49
South Bend's Techny Spinner is a budget-friendly spinner that makes the most of a classic, time-tested design. An in-line spinner takes on a different look in the water when it's made with the shaft running through the blade. The Techny Spinner's...