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Spawn Sacks

$9.99 - $35.99
Fresh tied spawns sacks tied with coho eggs. Assorted colors. Colors include Red, Orange, Pink, White, Blue, Peach and Chartreuse.

Coho Salmon Skein By The Pound

$17.00 - $22.00
Cured Coho salmon skein for fishing in egg loops or tying into sacks. Shipped in vacum sealed bags to maintain freshness. Two colors to choose from. Natural will have a slight orange dye to aid in the mixing of the cure. Shipping is a flat rate per item...

King Salmon Skein Red/Pink

$14.00 - $38.00
    Cured whole skein from King salmon harvested in 2021.These eggs are perfect for fishing in egg loops or tying into spawn sacks. They are a tacky egg that milks very well. Eggs are a natural product and will vary in appearance depending...