Power Pro Ice Tec Braid

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Hard water anglers are faced with many different challenges as they venture out onto the ice, and cold is the number one factor they need to be ready for. Technology has become the key to success on the water: high-tech sonar, underwater cameras and new innovations when it comes to tackle. PowerPro ICE-TEC braided fishing line enhances sensitivity and features a PFTE coating to prevent line freeze by shedding water. Fish with confidence knowing that you will feel the lightest bites and not the bite of the cold.From Freshwater to Saltwater, anglers depend on PowerPro to provide a fish-catching edge over standard Monofilament or even other Super Braids. The use of the exclusive Enhanced Body Technology provides a rounder, smoother, slicker and structurally superior ultra-strong braided line enhancing pitchin' and flipping, jigging, casting, trolling and big game fishing. PowerPro provides specific benefits to every situation an angler encounters and opens the door to waters never before fished.There is more to PowerPro than just thin, strong braided for conventional fishing

50 yards Ice blue